create a gpx track

Online conversion of lat/long coordinate pairs to gpx file contents.
  • Create a text containing the latitude/longitude tuples (see example in the latitude / longitude pairs area)
  • Enter the name of the track in the track name area
  • Press the convert button
  • Select and copy the text in the gpx contents area
  • Open a text editor, paste the text, and save it as a .gpx file
  • More hints in the usage area
latitude / longitude pairs
track name
gpx contents

This converter converts tracks in textual format into a gpx format.

The textual input format is lat/long tuples in the format ('latitude','longitude'). The format can be repeated, i.e. (54,6)(33.1,5.9)(1.1,2.2).
Texts outside the brackets is ignored, so that there a number of formats will be accepted as long as the (lat,long) tuples are within brackets, and seperated by a comma.
This opens the possibility using a 'polish format' polyline data string.

A 'Polish format' polyline can be constructed using GPSMapEdit. Suggested workflow in that case:
  • Create 'polish format' file with a polyline
    • Start GPS Map Edit
    • Open the file(s) that contains the map of the area where you want to create the track (File->Open, and File->Add)
    • Zoom in to the required detail level (View->Zoom In)
    • Create the track
      • Enter 'create poly line' mode (Tools->Create Object)
      • Select the first track point (using mouse and pressing mouse button)
      • Move to the position and select that position as track point
      • Repeat selecting positions until the complete track is drawn
      • Note that using the right button you can remove a track point in order to correct it
      • To finish the created track: press the right mouse button and select 'end'
      • In the window that appears you can select a type for the polyline. Please select an unused type (e.g. Collector Road: type 0x0005 which is equal to 0x05).
        To verify which types have been used: check/uncheck 'Show only used types' checkbox.
        Press Ok.
      • Enter a name of the track in the main window
    • Select your track poly line (e.g. Edit->Select->By Type->'your type, e.g. Collector Road')
    • Copy the track (Edit->Copy)
    • Close the map (File->Close), and press 'no' for not saving the changes
    • Paste the copied track (Edit->Paste)
    • Save the map as Polish format (File->Save As, Enter file type 'Polish Format' and a file name) and press Save
  • Open the Polish format file using a text editor
    • Find a section called 'POLYLINE' labeled with the track name
    • Copy the line with 'Data0='
  • Convert the polyline in the converter (the form you are reading)
    • Paste the polyline text string (in 'latitude / longitude pairs' field)
    • Enter a name for the track (in the 'track name' field)
    • Press button Convert
    • Copy the text from the 'gpx contents' field
  • Create the gpx file
    • Start a text editor
    • Paste the copied text
    • Save the file
  • Use the just created gpx file, e.g. in Easy GPS, or Google Earth
Good luck!!